Welcome to ATC We Support Radio. We are an online entertainment avenue where there is an option to stream live shows, as well as archived shows. We also provide segments on currents issues and trending topics that our viewers can relate to.We discuss today’s entertainment, sports, fashion and much more on different segments and shows we have to offer. We have something here for everyone.

Shows You Can Catch On A.T.C We Support Radio

Hosted by Peter Larry Loud exclusive interviews from artists, business,entrepreneurs and much more. Peter have a unique way of getting to know the guest with his questions he ask. He like to say he’s having a conversation with the guest and it’s not an interview. We Support Wednesday’s is a segment where highlight our guest to try to help shine more light on them!

Started in 2019, as a passion project by creator Kyle Haynes, Sports Talk Takes is “a simple name for a simple show”. It’s a weekly episodic podcast that covers all sports and leagues in the US. From California to the Carolinas Sports Talk Takes covers all sporting headlines from across the country in the last week and Kyle gives his hot takes on the newest stories. While Kyle does well to be unbiased and give all sports and teams a fair shake he does, occasionally, like to emphasize his favorites of the Cincinnati Reds, Alabama Crimson Tide, Denver Nuggets, and Denver Broncos.


Official Reporting Station 

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