{ Artist Spotlight } Baton Rouge Artist Yung Giga

Born and raised in Baton Rouge , giga was exposed to hiphop at a young age . She started rapping at the age of 9. By the age of 13 she was performing at her local highschool and in talent shows . At the age of 16 she was picked up by one of b.r.’s hottest and influential dj’s djyaboyearl . After that her life completely changed. Giga chose not to rap about the topics that her peers rapped about. Instead she opted for a different approach. She has the ability to channelize raw emotion, through her heartfelt yet mind racing rhymes. Giga is unlike any other artist her style and versatility is mind boggling. She is an extremely talented and gifted song writer as well as lyricist, with an endowment for the stage. Some of her influences include Nas, Biggie , Lauryn Hill, and Childish Gambino, but Giga idolizes Jay Z  the most . She is currently in the studio working on several projects. She has YungGiga The Ep out ( HardCopies Only), but she is recently working on her upcoming mixtape titled Dust , which will be out soon on behalf of her team BLvkkGODz™️ and KrazHippies™️. Her future aspirations are infinite. Yung Giga is destined for success, and ready to bring true hip hop back to life.

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