Artist Spotlight Flint Mi : “Benard “Rudeboi Slymm” is a full-fledged producer, artist, engineer, and D.J #Atcwsr

35199010_10156585100808578_8727455094016049152_nHis ability to create music with self-generated beats and lyrics is commendable and only begins to describe Benard “Rudeboi Slymm” Barnes. Out of Beecher, MI, he has established himself as a musical mogul. Starting at the tender age of 11, Benard “Rudeboi Slymm” Barnes was heavily influenced by his father and uncle who were DJ’s, as well. Stemming from an early exposure from many facets of music, Benard soon created his own cassette tape at 13 years of age while gaining assistance from his brother and
he was able to maneuver more effectively within the studio. Feeling more confident, Benard then entered a local talent show at 14 years of age with original beats and won, learning at an early age to give the people what they desire.

His love for music soon blossomed into a musical career that has allowed him to work with multiple, talented artists. This has given him additional exposure and helped catapult him to be well-known throughout the community and has since expanded throughout the nation. In full and constant demand, Benard continues to work with artists ranging in age, ethnicity, gender, and genre.

51398897_10157181417193578_3752972818728353792_nToday Benard “Rudeboi Slymm” Barnes is a full-fledged producer, artist, engineer, and D.J.,and well on his way to fulfilling all of his musical endeavors and dreams. HE is not just an artist,he’s a multi-faceted visionary anticipating every musical venture.

Follow On All Social Media: @OohdatsRudeboi

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