Artist Spotlight Flint Mi:Buc Hollinsworth Delivers A Powerful Message In New Track “Pray More Worry Less” @BucHollinsworth #ATCWSR

40093147_2137410493205681_8825571826596839424_nBuc Hollinsworth, born and raised in crime ridden Flint, MI in 1980 influenced by HipHop his journey started early watching Yo MTV Raps it gave him a since of meaning to the culture. Born to a mother who also had a musical talent it was passed down genetically and family member “Shotgun” from Flints legendary Top Authority rap group is his cousin and it was more of an influence knowing family was on billboard charts in the 90s with the likes of Angels Winbush, Wu Tang, Dr Dre that gave him early drive. Putting forth various songs threw out the early 2000s he was running the streets not focused on music at all, he dropped a mixtape in 2014 titled “Yellow Fever” that was critically acclaimed but not heard by many!, he was almost done with music by not taking it serious enough running the streets, he dropped “GhostOfKariMac” in 2017 dedicated to his slain friend “Kari McCoy” aka Dakarai Grover, he’s poised with his latest release “MajorDealWithoutAMajorDeal” LP in 2018 and is currently working on a new project titled “Gods Wrath” to be released sometime in 2019.

IG: @buc.hollinsworth

Twitter: @BucHollinsworth
Snap: @SecureDaBaggage


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