Interview: Making The World Krispy With Vantrell Erving Owner Of SIAK! #atcwsr



53636662_723937481340807_6769522410216488960_nLet the people know your name and where you from? 


Hello my name is Vantrell Erving Born in Minnesota raised in Beecher/ Flint Michigan

What made you want to do shoe restoration?

What made me want to get into shoe restoration seeing that this service is all over in other cities and I wanted my people to have something like this affordable here, someone who do what the people will outsource and pay lots of money for in they backyard. But that definitely was not the case.


What was your favorite pair of shoes you restored?

My favorite restore would probably have to be repairing 2001 black cements from beat to Heat I’ll provide pics as well, this guy calls me at the trash can asking can I repair I told him drop them off RIGHT now But will be the first full restore EVER I did the elephant print, un fogged air units, fresh repaint, wrinkles, creases and glue. Very proud of that job I did because it represents my slogan “Histories & Memories Restored” it made me feel good about myself because the look on that man shoe face when he saw that the  show he was Fon trash was completely wearable again.

What do you mean when you say “Make The World Krispy”?

When I say “Make The World Krispy” I’m saying that I’m trying to pour the love, unity, peace, creativity, and all my talent on the world not just my CITY I’m aiming for worldly attention, and recognition.

54155063_379683622625634_1580359793820827648_nWe also see you have a fashion line. What is the name of it and how do you incorporate that with shoe restoration?

My line of KLOTHES is called SIAK, Say It Ain’t Klothing. I double branded “SIAK” so when you dealing with shoes it’s Say It Ain’t Krispy Shoe Repair & Customs, But branding gear it’s  Klothing. To be honest what you guys seen recently for “Fall for me” Collection was way left of my brand statement but it still had purpose and meaning to it, the meaning was my father FALLING for me in the real world we call life becoming spirit to guide me with my Path to success. I believe he died for me to be exactly in my position. With the last Collection failing to me the brand statement I looked at what did went back to the first drops and studied my brand,where I went left how they reacted to old content, I found out that I lost my brand identity in the process. Brand identity is what do they see and expect from you what are you design esthetic and etc..The fact that the statement is “street wear based on the cleanness and care of sneakers for love and unity of the people” it didn’t show this at all well in the begging it did & I’m back on track with what I want them to see i have so many new designs and upgrades to able to create with one mindset which would be with shoes in mind and it had never felt better.


What is your creative process to come up with the concept of your designs?

My creative process is of different than others, but most importantly in 2019 I’m trying to design clothes and shoes with one mindset and Like I said that shoes, whether it’s inspiration from colors on shoe, or imagery depicting the shoe world and all I do. First I create up to 30-40%  in my head playing with color schemes patters, themes, logos font styles for about 3-5 days. Once I have practiced & plan how how the vision looks in my mind I have get to the CPU asap to make a real mock up of the idea. Once I’m done there last step would be samples finding my gear people to model and create exposure and content with videos and photography which I also do myself. But I can create shoes and clothes from the inspiration of anything a cause, conversation, history, meeting people kinda how TINKER designed the air max 1 design came from a see through building allowing you see the air. I can design from literally ANYTHING.

53529176_548758735608260_8556680459818369024_nHave you or your designs been featured in any fashion shows or magazines?

Yes my designs has been all over the city. I have done 4 fashion shows all 4 greats crowd participation and recognition was given, they love seeing my vision walk and people I work with are outstanding and does lots for the brand. Far as magazines go I been featured on the cover of TheHub Flint with whole article inside explaining my story. Very thankful for than and is one of my favorite accomplishments til this day.


53435155_583764175423389_6383548297918808064_nDo you have anyone that you consider you mentor? How has their help or advice shaped you?

I have individuals I can say molded me and gave all great advice to get where I am today but no role models or mentors anymore because they ALL become your RIVALS when you up next.Realistically the people, supporters family and friends keep me going it’s the reason I get the recognition I deserve, these people randomly tell me keep going, they believing in me, motivate me when I’m down and more I thankful for those types of people. Lastly I have a strong woman behind me who isn’t a yes man who really give her all for me and my brand and I value her opinion as just much as anyone else.

53520570_584250472044049_1424755989134966784_nWhat is your definition of “Support” ?

My definition of support would be NOT just like shares and repost is really tapping taking time to learn, understand and respect the brand, coming to the shows, events being apart of these SIAK historic moments. In other words putting yourself on they front line just as much as I do for others, it gets reciprocated most of time but I don’t ask for the ones who love me got me.

53514201_261280954758490_6541500693801336832_nWhat can we expect to see from you and your brand within the next couple months?

You can expect to see more gear more customs better repair results, new services and all the Klothes will stand for the shoe side of my brand and merging the realities two worlds.



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