Ex-Felon Turned Entrepreneur: Terrance Sales Talks About Becoming A Writer and His New Book “Green Pieces Of Paper”


Author Terrance Sales is an ex-felon turned entrepreneur. Owner of Fatboistyle BBQ Catering Service. Terrance founded BFB Global Marketing Team LLC and Urban Youth Mentors. He is also involved in community efforts including the Flint Water Crisis.



received_162354331326186We got a chance to ask Terrance a few questions about his latest book Green Pieces Of Paper! Green Pieces Of Paper is based on a three-man car theft crew from the northside of Flint,Michigan, one of the most notorious cities in the United States. The crew “Ace of Spade Boyz” are petty car thieves that take special orders to steal cars. But this special order changed their lives. Finding five bricks of cocaine in a stolen Chevelle SS,they go from being car thieves to drug dealers.It seems to be a step until the problems begin.Dealing with messy women,drug beef’s to federal indictments.


Hope You all enjoy this interview we put together to get to know Terrance a little more.

Q:Let the people know your name and where you from?

A:Terrance Sales Flint Michigan the jungle Northside

Q:When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

A:when I was up north doing a bid I read a bunch of books and I said to myself i can write this same shit or better

Q:When did you write your first book?

A:i wrote my first book in Ryan Correctional Facility in Detroit Michigan

received_310848799631886Q:What do you think makes a good story?

A:The ghetto and the hood always make s good story people love hearing about the struggle

Q:What type of books do you normally write?

A:.I specialize in Urban genre but I’m versatile i can write any genre plus i write movie scripts and stage plays

Q:Have you ever thought about making a children’s book?

Yes me and my step daughter is currently working on one now she is 11 and wanna following in my footsteps of being an author and cook.

Q:Tell us about your latest book Green Pieces Of Paper ?

A:Well it’s about 3 guys from the Northside of flint Michigan they car thieves they hit a lick and become drug dealers the book got a helluva twist to it if u like urban this is the one.

Q:How do you decide the direction your going to go with your writing?

A:First i make the title up then brainstorm on the subject write the prelude first then it’s on from there.

Screenshot_20190228-170947_MessengerQ:What is some of the feedback you’re getting on the book? 

A: Some people say the ending f**ks them up some people say they can actually VISUALIZE every word I write. I got a lot of good feedback from around the country especially New York.


Q:Is this your only book? If not what are some titles of your other books and where can they be found?

A:This is my only book that I published but I have 4 more written books. I’m just waiting to get them published and put out to the world.


Q:What is your definition of support?

A:Support is simple it’s when stand behind someone project no matter what u stick with them from start to finish. For example in my case I write the urban genre a lot of people don’t like that genre. But even if u do not like it if u call yourself family or friends u still suppose to support no matter what because when u support u telling that person u see they grind and hard work. I am the type of person if I’m your family or friend rather I’m in to what they doing or not I’m gone support rather I read it or not. I expose a lot of family and friends on this project because they don’t stand for what I stand for, as long as my momma and my women support me that all that matters to me everybody ain’t real and everybody ain’t pulling for u.

received_334590224023628Q:When your not writing what are some of your hobbies?

A:When I’m not writing I market (BFP GLOBAL MARKETING TEAM) and I cook. I have a catering business (FATBOISTYLE BBQ CATERING) and I love spending time with my 3 year old son teaching him how to play ball. I also love talking on the phone with my momma.


Q:How did you come up with the characters in Green Pieces of paper?

A:.I used my vivid imagination and came up with the characters.

Q:We see you have a soundtrack for the book as well.How did you decide what songs was a good fit?

A: I had a total of 28 songs and only 18 made the cut. They had to fit with what was going on in the book. By the way you can download it off of spinrilla and soundcloud. You can also get it off my YouTube channel Terrance Sales just punch in GREEN PIECES OF PAPER THE LICK.

Listen to SoundTrack Here

Q:What is some advice you would give another ex-felon who is trying to better their self and become an entrepreneur?

A:My advice would be don’t never give up no matter what no matter the situation put in 110% in your efforts because we as ex felons are always under the scope. People always praying for your down fall and criticize you so you gotta go extra hard in your craft rather you have a business service or product just focus on the prize and go for it. “Only God Can Judge You” in my Gunhood Zeke voice.


Purchase Green Pieces Of Paper On Amazon:

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