“Don’t Forget” the name Alex Simmons he is definitely not here for “No Games”


Alex Simmons is an American Singer-Songwriter, rapper, and producer best known for his incredible, soulful voice, as well as his extraordinary lyrical capability. He began singing, and rapping at the age of five and picked up the piano shortly after. Born in New York, Alex and his family spent a considerable amount of time in Florida. It was not always easy for him to make friends, some considered him a loner; but he always found solace in his music. Starting in the church choir, often leading songs, Alex began to pursue music professionally at the age of 22 years old. Since the release of his first single, ‘Zone,’ Alex has been featured on ‘The Voice on Snapchat’ and has worked through various mediums with artist like Alic Walls, Tamar Davis, Kortnee Simmons, Cam Fairfax, Maurice Starr and more.

We came across Alex from an email submission and didn’t know what to expect. But needless to say we was shocked and amazed. This guy vocals is insane and the production he picked on the project just made everything even more perfect. He has a very soulful sound that makes you wanna just get up and vibe to the beat. From what we heard on the project he definitely could go far and very soon be on the big stages alongside some big names. He has an visual out to his track “No Games” which is a whole vibe and the visual really sets the tone for the track as well. Check him out and let us know what you think as well.
Stay Connected:
Twitter @ItsAlexSimmons
Alex’s latest mixtape, ‘Don’t Forget’ was released on December 13th, 2019.

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