Vonta Grayy is “The Truth” with his latest project.


You can’t mention “Flint Music” without mentioning Vonta Grayy aka “Big Boomin”. His flow and style makes him stand out from a lot of artist around the city. The way he flows on the track is amazing. He may go from rapping to harmonizing and it all transitions so well. Vonta Grayy has been on the music scene for a while this is not his first go round. At times it may seem he’s getting  side tracked with different issues he may be dealing with in his personal life. But when he is locked in and in full music mood he is a problem, it’s like he can’t be stopped. He definitely have the talent to take his music career to the next level. Hopefully he get his big break thru soon because it’s well deserved. The city loves and embrace him when it comes to his music. Every project he drops he get better and better. We are waiting to see what he does next.

He recently just released his latest project “The Truth” which is streaming on all digital platforms

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