R.I.P. Mamba

Travis Thom/ January 27th, 2020 @ 9:04 PM / SportsRegime

June 26th, 1996. Nba draft. With the 13th overall pick, in the 1996 Nba draft, the Charlotte Hornets select Kobe Bean Bryant, immediately trade to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac. The Lakers franchise makes a sudden ascent. The Nba is changed. A legacy is born.

1996. Nba Draft. With the 13th pick, the Charlotte Hornets draft Kobe Bean Bryant, Liberty High, high school. Immediately traded for Vlade Divac to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers dynasty takes a sudden turn upwards. A Legend is born.

     As I sit here on my couch, a full day removed from the death of one of the greatest to play the game, I’m still in shock.

     It’s one of those events that will never leave my mind, and as memorable to me as 9/11.  Don’t get me wrong, one tragic death is no where near the 2,977 murders that occurred on 9/11, but to me, and MY memory, both will not be forgotten.

I will remember where I was when news broke, getting in the shower as my wife told me the news. Shock. Disbelief. Numbness. Yesterday the NBA community lost a Legend. Being close to the same age as Kobe, I did pull for Kobe, except vs. Jordan, at least early on I did. I will be honest, I wasn’t a HUGE fan, and at times disliked him. More so I disliked the Lakers than Kobe. But What. A. Show. Black Mamba. The moves, the way he glided across the court, always exciting to watch, and he did not disappoint fans.

     The Iconic “Kobe” while shooting a piece of garbage into the trash, to his last championship in 2010, taking on and defeating the Big 3 of Boston.  January 22nd, 2006, the 81 he dropped on Toronto. We ALL have moments we remember from Kobe’s career. He built a legacy.

     My point is this, Love him or Hate him, you can NEVER deny this man’s impression on the NBA of today, and the future. You can NEVER take the 81 vs Toronto from him, or the 4 Championships in 2000, 2002, 2009, 2010 respectfully. I believe we witnessed the closest thing to Jordan we will ever see, and I think we all took his game for granted, including myself. So take a moment, get on YouTube, watch some highlights, have a drink,  smoke a blunt, and witness greatness at least one last time. Honor him. Wherever he is, I pray his Daughter is right by his side. My hearts and prayers go out to his family.

     I debated so many titles for this blog, in the end, the only one that fit was Kobe. One word. Kobe.

R.I.P. Kobe Bean Bryant aka Black Mamba

August 23rd, 1978 – January 26th, 2020.

Gone but never forgotten

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