Buc Hollins Talks Being In The Music Game 20+ years/ Being Involved In Community and Much More!

Stage Name: Buc Hollins, born and raised in Flint, MI ……influenced by HipHop/Rap his journey started early watching Yo MTV Raps, The Box, and family members Top Authority…… Listening to my cousins Top Authority (Shotgun, Flex) made me want to rap even more I knew once I had people’s ears like them it was a wrap. I dropped a mixtape mid 2000s called “Yellow Fever”, I did a couple songs after that but the streets had me running around lost….. around 2014 I came back to the music serious telling myself it’s now or never! I dropped the mixtape “GhostOfKariMac” in 2015 on DatPiff dedicated to my dead homey “Dakarai Grover” who wrote for “Lisa Lefteye Lopez” and “Boyz II Men” that had a nice street buzz and hailed critically acclaimed, about 110 shows later I dropped “MajorDealWithoutAMajorDeal” in 2016 on all streaming platforms……in 2019 I dropped the Ep “Gods Wrath” keeping the grind going, and the Ep “MajorDealWithoutAMajorDeal 2” also the Ep “Back2DaStreets” in 2020……. “InMeNotOnMe” out now!

IG @buc.hollins

Fb Buc Hollins

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