JAE2K Is An Artist To Keep An Eye On! His Track “OO UU” Is Crazy!

Jimmie Sanders AKA JAE2K grew up in the trenches of Independence, LA, a small town outside of Baton Rogue. Aged 24 JAE2K has lived and mastered the knowledge of the streets. His survival mentally has helped him to become known as the voice of the streets. His followers called “The Street Team” have given him the ability to overcome his obstacles to be able to make it out of the hood and start doing something positive in his life with his words. JAE2K’s first album “Get Used to Me” is a look into his life and well scripted music journey of knowing him. With this album, JAE2K is never soft-spoken and invariably sullen in his vocal style, the hip-hop artist delves into deeper themes of romance, surviving, and hustling. Each hook, each rhyme and every bar is deeply rooted in conveying the most intimate moments of a man’s experience in the streets. Above all, it’s deep, it’s sensual, hardcore and it grooves. Sit back and relax as you are taken on a musical journey in the streets of Louisiana.

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