K33M talks about new project T.O.S future music plans and much more

Hakeem Lateef Valentine Branded as “K33M” born October 18th 1993 is an aspiring artist from East Chicago IN, currently residing in Columbus OH , K33M has a powerful sound and soul to match his intensity. Rapping for the last 8 years with “ReignSupremeRecords” and “FMG” for a short time mentored by “TayeWillz”, K33M has made himself a a creditable mention in the local world. He has 3 projects under his belt, He is currently a “Solo” Independent artist affiliated with “ReignSupremeRecords”. Much of Hakeem’s younger years were spent playing sports, and writing/speech/Reading competitions, and other physical activities before getting into music right out of highschool at the age of 18, his favorite artists include “Notorious B.I.G” “Lil wayne” “Chris Brown” “Kanye West” “Michael Jackson” “J.cole” ‘Kendrick Lamar” and “Kurt Cobain”. Never settling for anything less than perfection K33M’s aggression and passion for the music he creates is his best asset in a world of highly talented figures

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